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Bridging The Distribution Gap.

New York Sand & Stone locations offer the most ideal distribution sites in the City. Not only are there more than 20 ready-mixed concrete plants within 15 minutes from our facilities, but the Navy Yard allows for both ocean going and land based shipments to be received, and then efficiently distributed by truck via the nearby Williamsburg and Manhattan Bridges, as well as the Brooklyn Bridge (cars only). Access to these major bridges alleviates the higher labor and fuel costs associated with long-distance hauling, as well as helps decrease environmental impact caused by excessive fuel usage. Better still, the locations make it a snap for our customers to pick up shipments themselves, should they choose to do so, further reducing their expenditures. Thus, contractors with union laborers need not incur the additional time and expenses involving upstate treks to secure vital materials.

New York Sand & Stone

NYC’s Aggregates Supplier


Our locations offer both Land and Sea shipments, which make NYSS the ideal supplier of Stone, Gravel & Sand for all 5 boroughs of New York City and Long Island. Please contact us to schedule a delivery or pick up.