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Frequently Asked Questions

1.Where do we pick up samples?
After speaking with one of our sales associates they will have your samples ordered and set up for you to pick up at one of our Brooklyn terminals.
2. Is your material NYSDOT approved?
Yes. Our material is from New York State Department of Transportation approved sources.
3. Does your stone meet ASTM C33 standards?
Yes. Our stone meets ASTM C33 standards.
4. How do I get submittal information?
Please contact one of our sales associates in the main office for submittal documents. Requests for samples should also be directed to one of our sales associates.
5. Where does your material come from?
Our material is supplied by various NYSDOT approved sources.
6. Do you deliver?
Yes. There is a 15 ton minimum for deliveries. We deliver to the all five boroughs and some parts of Long Island.
Truck Delivery: We offer bulk Sand delivery (15 ton minimum) by tractor trailer or tandem truck load to Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, Bronx & Long Island.
Barge Delivery: For customers with available dock space, we provide delivery by barge for all of our materials. We also lease barges for customer use, the two primary sizes for barge rental is ( 40x 130 scow) or seminole hopper barge (60 x 260), contingent upon water depth at delivery destination.  Please contact a sales associate for rates and details.
7. Can I pick up material?
Yes, we have a 5 ton minimum quantity for all material picked up at our locations in Brooklyn, NY.

New York Sand & Stone

NYC’s Aggregates Supplier


Our locations offer both Land and Sea shipments, which make NYSS the ideal supplier of Stone, Gravel & Sand for all 5 boroughs of New York City and Long Island. Please contact us to schedule a delivery or pick up.